An Agritur with a passion for sweetness

Beekeeping and the production of our Trentino honey

Honey is the house specialty and is used for breakfasts, snacks, homemade desserts, beauty and body care.

Laura's reign is the very modern kitchen, where the products of the earth are processed in a simple and authentic way. The precious gifts of nature, the value of time, the good fortune to raise children in such a context, are the foundations of this project shared and carried out with and for the family.

Beekeeping is the breeding of bees for the purpose of using the product of the hive populated by a family of bees: the hive. The hives are the structures where the beekeeper hosts the bees and are composed of mobile honeycombs. Although the species bred are different, in Trentino Apis mellifera has a clear predominance.

The beekeeper basically provides the bees with shelter and care by watching over their development. In return, he collects a fair share of their product, consisting of honey, pollen, beeswax, royal jelly and propolis.

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Location of the Agritur La Regina dei Prati and map

A quiet place surrounded by greenery where you can regenerate soul, body... and palate!

Agritur La Regina dei Prati awaits you in the greenery of the province of Trento, in the municipality of Cavalese in the immediate vicinity of the return track, which leads to the valley floor, from Alpe Cermis, to stay overnight and taste the products of the beehive.

The farm is easily accessible, it is located in the hamlet of Masi, an ideal area for lovers of tranquility and nature.